ReadyWrap Premium Gift Boxes

Patent Pending Technology


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    Save Space

    Boxes ship flat, requiring minimal storage space in your office or warehouse.

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    Easy Assembly

    Provide consistently beautiful gift wrapping without training employees.

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    Adds Value

    Save your customers time with easy gift wrapping that requires no special skill.

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    Saves Time

    Reduce wrap time from 8 – 12 min. to 3 – 4 min. per gift. That’s almost 8 hours a day during a busy holiday season.

SEAL THE DEAL: ​Reduce wrap time from 8­-12 minutes to 3­-4 minutes per gift. That’s almost 8 hours a day during a busy holiday season!



It’s time to throw away the gift bags, rolls of wrapping paper, tape, scissors and embrace the new way to wrap with ReadyWrap® Premium Gift Boxes.

In 15 seconds, the ReadyWrap® box will assemble into a perfect box. Made with real wrapping paper and a patent pending design, you will look like the smartest gift-wrapper. Whether you are looking to save time and money on gift wrapping or just want a simple, yet, professional and sleek look, ReadyWrap® will satisfy your needs.

We look forward to help make your gifts stand out above the rest!



Kevin Carden

President ReadyWrap

48% of retailers felt packaging helped them compete with big-box retailers.