ReadyWrap Premium Gift Boxes

The easiest, most economical way to get perfect gift wrapping, every time.


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    Saves Space

    Boxes ship flat, requiring minimal storage space in your retail store or warehouse.

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    Assembles Easily

    Provide consistently beautiful gift wrapping without training employees.

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    Adds Value

    Save your customers time with easy gift wrapping that requires no special skill.

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    Saves Time

    Reduce wrap time from 8-12 min to 3-4 min per gift. That’s almost 8 hours a day during a busy holiday season!

SEAL THE DEAL: 50% of online shoppers will not proceed to checkout without first looking for a sale or shipping promotion.

READYWRAP was created with retailers in mind.

Offering a convenient, beautiful gift wrapping solution will…

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    Build Your Brand

    Choose from an assortment of patterns and colors, including seasonal themes.

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    Enhance Customer Service

    Premium gift wrapping is a concierge-style service that increases customer loyalty.

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    Add Shopping Incentives

    Offer your customers packaging options and add value to each order.

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    Save Resources

    Serve more customers in less time while still offering premium gift wrapping—no training required.

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    Increase Your Revenue

    Earn an extra $3-5 every time a customer chooses a gift box.

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    Reduce Packaging Costs

    Save cash without sacrificing appearance by choosing READYWRAP over more expensive options.

Here’s what retailers say about premium packaging…

  • 50% feel it is important to online sales.
  • 63% consider it an important part of their brand.


We have researched the retail industry and heard what‘s important to you regarding gift wrapping.

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    “It’s too hard to train employees to wrap gifts during the holidays.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes require no special training. User-friendly boxes come with simple instructions that are easy for employees to understand.

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    “We don’t have enough room to store gift boxes.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes ship totally flat. If you can store a stack of paper, you can store ReadyWrap.

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    “We are concerned about our impact on the environment.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes are reusable and made entirely from biodegradable materials.

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    “We don’t have enough time to offer gift wrapping.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes can be assembled and packed in seconds, by anyone.

48% of retailers felt packaging helped them compete with big-box retailers.

What Our Customers Say

  • Gift wrapping a customer’s purchase takes time, requires the customer to wait, and takes me away from helping other customers in the store. ReadyWrap Gift Boxes only take a few seconds to fold, the customers appreciate not having to wait and just love the quality, and I don’t miss a potential sale by not being able to help another customer. Other customers see how quick they fold and how great they look and want one too!

    Barbara C., Virginia Beach, VA, Brick and Mortar Retailer

  • I own a small apparel boutique and wrapping a gift became so much trouble I just started using bags. My customers would take the bags and then go home and wrap the gift in a box they purchased. Once I started using ReadyWrap Gift Boxes, my customers told me how much they liked it. Some have even bought extra ReadyWrap boxes to take home for other gifts.

    Eliza J., Raleigh, NC, Brick and Mortar Retailer

  • ReadyWrap saved me during Christmas. I had a new employee and with a stockroom full of product, there would have been no place to teach and store gift wrapping.

    Monica B., Seattle, WA, Brick and Mortar Retailer, Monica's Closet

  • ReadyWrap helped me increase revenue through adding a simple gifting option at check out.

    Chase D., Austin, TX, Online Retailer

  • I got an amazing client review who noted how cohesive my branding was. My custom ReadyWrap boxes have elevated my customers' experience.

    Steven G., Miami, FL, Online Retailer