ReadyWrap Premium Gift Boxes

The easiest, most economical way to get perfect gift wrapping, every time.


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    Saves Space

    Boxes ship flat, requiring minimal storage space in your retail store or warehouse.

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    Assembles Easily

    Provide consistently beautiful gift wrapping without training employees.

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    Adds Value

    Save your customers time with easy gift wrapping that requires no special skill.

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    Saves Time

    Reduce wrap time from 8-12 min to 3-4 min per gift. That’s almost 8 hours a day during a busy holiday season!

READYWRAP was created with retailers in mind.

Offering a convenient, beautiful gift wrapping solution will…

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    Build Your Brand

    Choose from an assortment of patterns and colors, including seasonal themes.

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    Enhance Customer Service

    Premium gift wrapping is a concierge-style service that increases customer loyalty.

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    Add Shopping Incentives

    Offer your customers packaging options and add value to each order.

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    Save Resources

    Serve more customers in less time while still offering premium gift wrapping—no training required.

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    Increase Your Revenue

    Earn an extra $3-5 every time a customer chooses a gift box.

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    Reduce Packaging Costs

    Save cash without sacrificing appearance by choosing READYWRAP over more expensive options.

Here’s what retailers say about premium packaging…

  • 50% feel it is important to online sales.
  • 63% consider it an important part of their brand.


We have researched the retail industry and heard what‘s important to you regarding gift wrapping.

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    “It’s too hard to train employees to wrap gifts during the holidays.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes require no special training. User-friendly boxes come with simple instructions that are easy for employees to understand.

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    “We don’t have enough room to store gift boxes.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes ship totally flat. If you can store a stack of paper, you can store ReadyWrap.

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    “We are concerned about our impact on the environment.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes are reusable and made entirely from biodegradable materials.

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    “We don’t have enough time to offer gift wrapping.”

    READYWRAP gift boxes can be assembled and packed in seconds, by anyone.

48% of retailers felt packaging helped them compete with big-box retailers.